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LifeWave Patches: A Revolution in Health.
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  How to Earn Money with LifeWave

LifeWave patches are new technology for improving health and providing dynamic anti-aging effects. We accomplish this by working with your body, not against it. Remember what it felt like to be young, vibrant and pain free? This is the way you're supposed to feel, both now and all through your life. This, is LifeWave.

1. Retail Profits
LifeWave makes it easy for you to earn by selling to your retail customers. Your customers can order products directly from LifeWave at retail prices, and LifeWave automatically sends you the retail profits (difference between wholesale and retail) each week. To make it even simpler to create continuous revenue, you may even set up your retail customers for ongoing Autoship. Any member may earn retail profits.

2. Retail Sales via the LifeWave Website
Distributors can enroll retail customers in LifeWave, and let the company handle the sales, inventory, and distribution. Retail customers enrolled in LifeWave may purchase products directly over the internet, and the Distributor will automatically receive the difference between the product’s retail and wholesale price.

In addition, the Distributor may set up automatically recurring orders for any of their enrolled retail customers. That means LifeWave will automatically send the retail customers’ products every month and the distributor will automatically receive the profit. Retail sales are applied to the Personal Volume of the distributor. LifeWave strongly recommends Auto-ship as a way of ensuring that your retail customers are never without their LifeWave products.

3. Fast Start Bonuses
This is a way to begin earning money as soon as you enroll with LifeWave. Every qualifying LifeWave member may earn bonuses each time they personally enroll a new member. The amount depends on the rank at which the new member enrolls.

4. Building an organization of Distributors
In addition to retail profits, you can earn handsome commissions and bonuses on the business generated by those Distributors that you’ve brought into LifeWave. By encouraging and mentoring your Distributors, you can earn money to supplement your current income. Or you can set your sites higher and build a full-time, thriving LifeWave business.        Compensation Plan Video
  Diamond Package
Our most extensive and comprehensive package. As a Diamond, you will receive 35 one-month supplies of our various products along with promotional and marketing materials to get your business up and running. You will also be considered on active status for 90 days after your enrollment. This package is for the serious business builder who wants to maximize profits fast and efficiently.

Included in this pack is Launchpad! A business building system that will provide you with the tools to effectively build a thriving LifeWave business. It is “Your 90-day countdown to success”.
Price: $1.499.95
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  Gold Package
One of our more expansive packages. As a Gold member you receive 13 one-month supplies of the different products and all promotional and marketing materials. This package is aimed at career-minded individuals.

Optional in this pack is Launchpad! A business building system that will provide you with the tools to effectively build a thriving LifeWave business. It is “Your 90-day countdown to success”.   Price: $499.95
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  Silver Package
Our silver package is for those of you that want to start your business on a smaller scale. This package comes with 6 one-month supplies of products and all promotional and marketing materials to promote LifeWave products. The Silver Package is for motivated individuals who want to build their business up the levels of success.

Available packages in Silver are: Silver Energy Enhancer Pack, Silver IceWave Pack, Silver Y-Age Pack, Silver SP6 Pack, and Silver Variety Pack.   Price: $299.95
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  Bronze Package
Our smallest package is for those of you who have a very small amount of extra time and want a little extra money. This package includes a 1 one-month supply of product along with the corresponding brochure. The Bronze package is for the part-time career builder.

Available packages in Bronze are: Bronze Energy Enhancer Pack, Bronze IceWave Pack, Bronze Y-Age Pack, Bronze SP6 Pack , and Bronze Silent Nights..  Price: $ 99.95    Join Here
  Starter Kit
This package includes a subscription to the LifeWave replicated Web site and the LifeWave Back Office. The Starter Kit is designed to help the entrepreneur take the first step in starting their own business.   Price: $ 25.00    Join Here
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